Saturday, November 14, 2015

Our Bakers

VF's buddy duo baking teams!

- Zoe & Claudine

- Cat & Elizabeth

- Gail & Colleen

- Joy & Pamela

- Debbie & Gail


  1. What, no panettone? What is an Italian bakery without panettone? I remember when I was first married, my Californian mother-in-law sent her family recipe to her new DIL. I got up at five in the morning in Connecticut to start the dough, only to have to call her at 3:45 in the morning to find the quantity of an ingredient she said to add but failed to mention.

    Great website.

    1. Hi Merrily! I'm so happy that you stopped by the bakery. It is always open. Since you are a baker, I hope you'll try some of the recipes here and, if you read Villa Fortuna, the ones in the book. My absolute favorite is the Biscuit Tortoni. It is so easy. Of course, I would love to feature your m-i-l's panettone on the website ;) If your interested! Thanks for stopping by and mangia!



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