Bake Swap

Hi Sweet Friend!

If you found your way here, you're one of two things: excited to get wrists deep in flour or just plain curious - and hungry!

Keeping with author, Cat Gardiner's tradition of "blogging with books," she's created a special treat for her readers. Inspired by dear friends on Facebook and her own character, Elizabeth Clemente Fairchild in the upcoming novel Villa Fortuna, a bake swap is rising!

Here's how it will work:

  • Most important: Security for our participants. Participants must and I repeat must, be a friend of Cat's or Vanity & Pride Press Facebook or P&P Goodreads Groups.  Follower of her author blog or a member of
  • Sign up for participation - Name, Country or USA State of Residence and email address. Provide to Cat any photo you would like to use to represent yourself (true, avatar, comic, etc.) and a little note about you and why you love to bake.
  • You will be matched with another participant close in proximity, provided an email address to contact your baking buddy, introduce yourself, talk JAFF or whatever, and exchange addresses.
  • Bake your favorite, preferably something from your country that could be shipped easily to your baking buddy with recipe.
  • Don't forget to take a snapshot of your finished delectable sweet and send it to Cat with the recipe.  It will be posted here for all our readers to experiment with and enjoy.
  • Check back to your post because you never know who has questions about the recipe, any tricks to make it as yummy as it looks.
  • And most importantly, stop by your baking buddy's recipe post and send them your love and gratitude for adding some sweetness into your life!
  • And that's it.  Sound fun?  Want to participate?


  1. I am so ready for this. Well actually, I'm in Los Angeles sampling Italian desserts for the sake of research. How do you say chocolate chip cookie in Italian?

    1. I bet it tastes just as good whether said in Italian or not! :) How was the sampling of Italian desserts? Fill me in...

  2. Yummy, Janet! I wish you were with us. You could have had some as well.



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