Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fort Knox Shipping

Baker, Debbie, tells us about her baking buddies, impressive Fort Knox packing job!  Pearls of wisdom if you intend on shipping baked goods over the holidays. Thank you Debbie and Gail!

I came home after working 11 hours to a treat. Gail's Biscotti had arrived.

She warned me that it would be packed tightly. She reused biodegradable packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and saran wrap.
Gail warned me that presentation isn't her strong-suit, but I disagree. Look at the beautiful Italian patterned tea towel she wrapped it in!

Gail also enclosed a beautiful card with a note and the recipes enclosed.

​Gail warned me that it was wrapped very well....so well that her saran wrap box was giving her 'the eye'.  

​At one point I became a tad impatient...
​The biggest concern was whether the biscotti would arrive in one piece and so Gail packed them very diligently. They had to travel from California to New York. 

​They looked delicious, but I waited until this morning to finish unwrapping and taste them.

​These are in one piece (beautiful packing job, Gail) and absolutely delicious!

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