Saturday, October 31, 2015

Counting Down to Bake Swap

Cat Says: Benvenute Sweet Friends!

If you found your way here, you're one of two things: excited to get wrists deep in flour or just plain curious - and hungry!

Keeping with author, Cat Gardiner's tradition of "blogging with books," she's created a special treat for her readers. Inspired by dear friends on Facebook and her own character, Elizabeth Clemente Fairchild in the upcoming novel Villa Fortuna, a bake swap is rising!

Here's how it will work:
  • Most important: Security for our swapping participants. Participants must and I repeat must, be either a friend of Cat's or Vanity & Pride Press Facebook or P&P Goodreads Groups. Follower of her author blog or a member of Or an established (known) member of the JAFF community.
  • Sign up for participation - Name, Country or USA State of Residence and email address. Provide to Cat any photo you would like to use to represent yourself (true, avatar, comic, etc.) and a little note about you and why you love to bake.
  • You will be matched with another participant close in proximity, provided an email address to contact your baking buddy, introduce yourself, talk JAFF or whatever, and exchange addresses.
  • Bake your favorite, preferably something from your country that could be shipped easily to your baking buddy with recipe.
  • Don't forget to take a snapshot of your finished delectable sweet and send it to Cat with the recipe.  It will be posted here for all our readers to experiment with and enjoy.
  • Check back to your post because you never know who has questions about the recipe, any tricks to make it as yummy as it looks.
  • And most importantly, stop by your baking buddy's recipe post and send them your love and gratitude for adding some sweetness into your life!
  • If you don't want to swap, that's okay, too.  Just email me your name, country of recipe's origin, and with the recipe a piccie of your finished dolcini.
  • But what if you DO want to swap and can't bake for beans? Let me know and I'll match you with someone of the same mind. You can send specialty store bought. :) 
  • And that's it.  Sound fun?  Want to participate? Entries will be taken the first and second weeks of November so that that the bake off can commence and wrap up by Villa Fortuna's book launch on December 1st!


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